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What Are Some of the Mistakes that You Make in High School?

One must make the most of their time in high school given its relatively short duration and the significant stakes involved. Even though we are all unique individuals with our own unique set of experiences and perspectives, every student needs to steer clear of the following blunders that are widespread in high school. Believe me, since the outcome of this might determine your entire life.

1. Not accurately calculating the amount of time something will take- The transition from middle school to catholic high schools Brisbane may be quite a culture shock for students entering high school for the first time. There is more work to be done, less help available, and less time available to do everything. The failure to properly estimate the amount of time required to complete tasks is a significant error that can have a negative influence on both mental health and academic performance. Homework takes time. Reading takes time. Putting up the effort to study for exams requires time. In addition, there is a good likelihood that we underestimate how long these activities will take.

2. Not being taught how to properly study- The activities of reading, reviewing notes, and page-turning in a textbook are not considered to be studying. Even though studying is NOT any of these things, the majority of high school students have been trained to “study” in this manner. Therefore, this is the second typical error made by high school students.

Genuine learning requires both active recollection and periodic repetition of information. You are not actually studying if you are not utilising these two ways of studying. A hint: the true study will make you feel uncomfortable in your own mind. You are not doing it correctly if all you are doing is chilling out and feeling good about yourself.

3. Giving more consideration to the grade than to the material being studied- One more error that is widespread in high school is caring too much about one’s grade rather than focusing on understanding what is being taught. Even though getting good grades looks good on report cards and makes grandma proud, and even though there are easy and inexpensive ways to game the system in order to get good grades on some assignments, whether you believe it or not, in the long run, it is more beneficial to actually learn the material. I can’t stress this point enough: if you put in the effort to LEARN and comprehend the topic, you will have a far better chance of doing well on any examinations or assignments that pertain to that subject matter. On the contrary, if the only thing that concerns you about an assignment is receiving a good grade, then you are not learning the subject, and as a result, you will do poorly on any future examinations or assignments that are related to that content. Folks, this is not the place nor the time to take shortcuts.

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