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Things that You Didn’t Know About Facebook Ads

Since they can reach such a large audience at such a cheap cost, Facebook advertisements have quickly become among the most popular forms of internet advertising. However, just when individuals think they have it figured out, Facebook is likely to surprise people with a new optimisation or feature, which might result in a shift in how they approach things strategically. Let’s take a look at some interesting statistics regarding advertising on Facebook:

1. Bids on Facebook are quite susceptible to the effects of seasonality. The entirety of the algorithm that Facebook uses is based on a bidding mechanism that establishes the cost of an impression using a variety of different parameters. The number of accounts that are actively competing for a certain target is among the criteria that have the greatest impact on the pricing. The more the number of bidders for a certain target, the higher the price of an impression would be. Because of this, the cost per click tends to be greater on popular days like Christmas, Black Friday, and other such days. And as a result, we recommend that you contact a professional facebook advertising agency Brisbane to get the best results on your PPC campaigns.

2. A click-to-chat advertising option is available on Facebook- This is not anything brand new, but it is surely one of the things on Facebook that gets the least amount of use. Campaigns that employ “click to chat” work extremely well with customers who have recently visited a website. This is because previously visited consumers are already acquainted with a service or product but may have questions before making a purchase commitment.

3. Facebook placements necessitate various ad techniques- At this time, Facebook provides its users with an advertising platform that supports the creation of ad packs that can automatically market across numerous devices. However, the needs for advertisements and the behaviours of customers change depending on the device. To get the most out of your advertising campaigns and ad sets, I suggest breaking them out per device.

4. The quantity of text contained inside the image affects how it is delivered- Your cost will decrease proportionately to the amount of text that is included inside a picture. Facebook gives more weight to postings that contain photos and minimal to no text. This will result in a greater dispersion as well as a decrease in the cost that is incurred for each impression. The image-to-text ratio on Facebook can be rated as “low,” “medium,” or “high,” all of which are indicative of increasing amounts of text.

5. Innovating the creative aspects of advertisements is of the utmost significance- The majority of Facebook’s campaign types do not provide marketers with the ability to select how frequently an advertisement is shown to the same person. This may easily make potential consumers feel uncomfortable, which may cause them to back away from the possibility of making a purchase. To prevent this problem, advertisers on Facebook need to often alter both the content and the creativity of their advertisements.

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