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Myths About Alimony

When going through the process of getting a divorce, it is beneficial to have a few facts on hand to refer to when your emotions are running high. When it comes to alimony as well as spousal maintenance,it is all easy to be influenced by widespread falsehoods, especially because of the lack of regulation around these topics. We’re going to bust some common myths about alimony and assist you in better navigating the process.

Myth No. 1: In this day and age, when most families have two working adults contributing to the household income, alimony is an archaic and unnecessary institution. Even though many families do have two incomes, one spouse will frequently forego their earning potential for the sake of the family unit in order to take care of a greater portion of the day-to-day needs, errands, and childcare responsibilities. This is done for the betterment of the family unit. The traditional role of spouses as primary caregivers for their children and primary beneficiaries of alimony payments has largely given way to a very different dynamic in many modern homes. For instance, a father can take on the role of primary caretaker for his child, and couples in a marriage can be of the same sexual orientation. In these kinds of situations, males have a chance of getting alimony. If you want family law advice Brisbane make sure to go to the experts.

Myth No. 2 Alimony is a Right- Alimony is not a right that is automatically granted to everybody, and in certain cases, it is not even awarded at all. Some considerations go into the distribution of property, and some aspects go into determining alimony. The court has the discretion to award alimony based on what it believes to be a reasonable amount; however, it will only do so if it determines that alimony is essential.

Myth No. 3 Permanent alimony can last for a lifetime- This might not always be the case. The length of time that an individual is entitled to alimony is also determined based on some characteristics. It does come to a stop upon the receiver’s passing away, and it’may’ come to an end upon when the recipient moves in with another person or gets remarried. It’s possible to get a spousal support order for a certain amount of time or for an undetermined amount of time.

Myth No. 4 If I resign from my employment or relocate to a different state or country, I won’t have to make alimony payments. These ideas are not only immoral, but it is also quite challenging to avoid having to make a payment, and it is exceedingly improbable that any of these potential ideas would pan out. There are rules and processes in place, as well as consequences for ignoring court orders, which allow divorce rulings to be enforced across international borders. In addition, if one party voluntarily reduces their income, the courts have the authority to continue to pursue support obligations as though the drop in income had never taken place.

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