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How to Maintain a Cleaner Bathroom in Your Office

Since the beginning of the pandemic, workers who are required to go to the office have become more conscientious about maintaining a high level of general hygiene and cleanliness throughout the workplace. Keeping this in mind, here are several methods that you may use to improve the hygiene and cleanliness of the bathrooms in your place of business.

If you follow these guidelines, you or cleaning contractors Subiaco will be able to provide your employees with a setting that is safe and secure, which will contribute to an increase in the level of satisfaction experienced by your workforce as a whole. Always keep in mind that a contented worker is a productive worker.

1) Ensure that your restrooms have a clear appearance of cleanliness- You can instil trust in the minds of your staff members that the restrooms are being cleaned consistently by ensuring that they always appear to be clean. This means the following: emptying bins, maintaining the cleanliness of soap dispensers, clearing the floor of any debris and mopping up any liquid or spills that may have occurred.

The human mind finds it easier to relax when surrounded by a clean environment, even thoughappearance is not everything it is essential that you disinfect the area. Because of this, your staff members will have an increased sense of ease while using the restrooms at your facility.

2) Ensure that your restrooms have a pleasant aroma- Generally speaking, dirty places are the cause of unpleasant odours, and this is especially true in restrooms. If you take the time to ensure that your bathrooms have a pleasant aroma, it will create the impression that they are spotless and well-kept at all times.

Using air fresheners, odour absorbers, and urinal deodorizer blocks are some of the ways you can make your restrooms smell clean and pleasant. You should also clean the bathroom regularly to ensure that there isn’t anything lurking within that might be generating a foul smell.

3) Make sure that there is soap available in your restrooms- In the battle against the Coronavirus, hand soap has evolved into an indispensable weapon. Even though you may have always provided hand soap in the restrooms of your workplace, it is more crucial than ever that you continue to do so.

We suggest equipping your restrooms with the appropriate hand soap, which may vary depending on the sector in which you are employed. This may include delicate hand soap in public-facing workplaces, heavy-duty soap for removing oil and grease, and approved sanitising soap for use in the food sector.

In addition to hand soap, you may also give hand sanitizer at several stations located around your workplace. This may involve distributing gel hand sanitizers or foam hand sanitizers in places that have a high volume of foot traffic.

4) Make sure that your restrooms provide facilities for drying your hands- Because it is known that the Coronavirus may transmit more quickly from wet hands than from dry hands, it is essential to have some kind of hand-drying facility in the restrooms of your place of business. This needs to be either an air dryer or paper towels that are disposable. Even if they are efficient, traditional towels can harbour germs and should thus be avoided

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