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What to Know About Medical Pedicures

Pedicures are a common beauty treatment that will pamper your feet. There is a difference between medical and traditional pedicures with the latter focusing on aesthetics primarily. But when you go for a medical pedicure, the health and well-being of your feet will be at the forefront of the treatment.

You can have a medical pedicure done at Balgowlah podiatry to improve the health of your feet. This will be performed by a licensed podiatrist and they will have undergone training and have a lot of expertise when it comes to foot care. Many people can benefit from medical pedicures. If you have calluses or corns in your feet, fungal infections or ingrown toenails, this is a procedure that you can try. When you first go for a medical pedicure, the podiatrist will examine the feet to understand any foot problems you are having. And just like in a traditional pedicure, your feet will be soaked in warm water so that toenails and skin soften. To prevent ingrown toenails, your toenails will be trimmed and your nails will be shaped properly with a sharp nail clipper. And there are special tools that can be used to remove hardened areas of the skin on your feet such as corns and calluses.

The podiatrist will also check for fungal infections and apply antifungal medication if needed.

To understand your condition better, they may carry out a nail biopsy to confirm that it is a fungal infection. This will allow them to come up with a tailored treatment approach. There will be moisturiser applied to your feet at the end of the procedure to keep your feet soft. And to improve circulation in the feet, massaging will be done. This is a great way of reducing tension in your feet. You can ask them about how to improve foot hygiene and they will be able to recommend the right footwear for you as well.  There are also many benefits of medical pedicures. You will be able to improve your foot health as many foot concerns can be treated at this session such as fungal infections, calluses and corns.

Many people tend to experience pain

And discomfort due to their foot problems and after a medical pedicure, some of the pain can be alleviated. Also the podiatrist will have expertise on how best to treat foot problems and they will ask you to visit again to come up with a treatment plan for any conditions you have. This can be a good stress reliever as well. You will be given professional care in a medical pedicure as it will be carried out by licensed podiatrists. And it is not just people with foot concerns that can have a medical pedicure. This is a good preventative measure that you can adopt to improve your foot health and to stay on top of any foot concerns. The appearance of your foot will also improve as corns, calluses and ingrown toenails can be taken care of.

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