Tips for Choosing Postpartum Clothes

It is not a secret that your belly can hang around even after you have delivered the baby. You may find it a little difficult to get used to your new body. But your body has just done an amazing thing which is gives life to a new human; it is only normal there are a few changes that you have gone through, physically and mentally.

It is only natural to look for clothes that can look comfortable as well as stylish.

Maternity clothes don’t need to be frumpy. There are so many options when it comes to nursing clothes and post partum clothing. Once you have delivered your baby, you will be encouraged to walk a little bit so that you can heal a little faster. And wearing the clothes given by the hospital may not be the best thing to make you feel good. Progress will be slow when you are trying to be active in the first few days but that is to be expected. Something that many new mothers don’t realise is that the baby fat doesn’t magically disappear once you have delivered. Your body has gone through a full transformation and there will still be postpartum hormones in your body. But everybody likes to feel good and this starts with having some stylish and well fitting clothing. Your previous clothing will not fit and that is okay.

You can actually use your maternity clothes in this period. You can make a few changes to these clothes so that they accommodate your new body now. There is even postpartum underwear that you can find. These will be more comfortable when you are healing the incisions from a C-section or the stitches that may come with a vaginal birth. Make sure you build a new wardrobe of stretchy basics. These can be mixed and matched with a lot of things. Yoga pants will be your friend at this stage of your life. You can get many colourful yoga pants and leggings that you can wear with a short dress or tunic. Look for leggings that are not very tight on the belly. High waisted leggings are a great option.

Make sure you get yourself some nursing bras as your breasts will be very uncomfortable when you are nursing. Look for comfortable nursing bras with soft and breathable materials. Your breast size will still be in flux when you are breastfeeding. But once it has settled, you can splurge a little on the perfect nursing bra that is pretty as well as functional. Look for simple nursing tops that can be found in a variety of colours. This will make it very easy for you when breastfeeding the baby. If you are unable to find a nursing top, you can choose button-down blouses, tops with elastic necklines and flowy oversized tops. However, there are so many choices for postpartum clothes online so you will be able to order something. There are also nursing covers that come in the form of scarves if you are breastfeeding in a public place.

Ronaldo Ross
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