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How Primary School Can Instil Christian Principles in Children

Many parents decide to send their children to Christian schools as these tend to focus on value based and faith led education. A learning environment such as this can give children a deeper understanding of ethics and values from a young age.

When you send your child to a Christian primary school Brisbane, they will be taught the curriculum from a Christian perspective. Some of the subjects that can be taught thus are language, arts, social studies etc. Even science can be taught from a Christian perspective without distorting facts. There can be discussions on morals and ethics during the lessons so that students can ask questions and clarify their concerns. Some of the principles that will be given prominence in a Christian school are compassion, stewardship, forgiveness and love. These principles will be taught to children through bible stories and prayer. The teachers can provide many examples of how these values can be adapted to their daily lives. The students will also see their teachers as role models; they will be able to see how these values inform the actions of the teacher. 

There are many dedicated religious education programmes

Offered by Christian schools so that students gain a deeper understanding of faith. There will be discussions on Christian beliefs and children will be encouraged to pose questions. There will also be devotional time and bible study so that the students can learn more about the life of Jesus along with different biblical teachings. They will understand the teachings that are part of the foundation of the religion. Learning in a Christian school allows the students to self-reflect and create a deeper connection with God. And there will be many opportunities for prayer and worship. The students will be able to engage in collective prayer as a class. And there will also be opportunities for the entire school community to take part in collective prayer. There are many opportunities for the students to come together such as school assemblies and chapel services.

There are many spiritual practices that are incorporated into student life which will further strengthen the students’ personal connection with God. They will also learn how religion informs their life and their actions. There will be many Christian role models at the school who will demonstrate Christian values and principles through the way to speak, act and interact with students. And this gives students so many examples of how to live with a spiritual foundation. Service to others is prioritised in Christianity and therefore, there will be many opportunities for the students to help people in need. There are many outreach programmes the students can take part in such as collecting donations, volunteering a charities etc. This lets them experience how to be kind and compassionate to others. And they will find happiness in serving others actively which will help mould them into responsible caring adults. There is also a strong sense of community in Christian schools which is further strengthened by community service projects, family nights etc.

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