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Finding The Most Sustainable Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of the most accumulated household wastes that no matter what we do, we could not seem to limit our usage. Fortunately, there are sustainable toilet paper that are manufactured with sustainability in mind. The production of toilet paper frequently results in the destruction of important trees. At least now because of innovation, there are toilet papers that are made without the need for deforestation.

In response to consumer demands and to lessen the negative impact on the environment, toilet paper made out of bamboo have been introduced as a sustainable, eco-friendly substitute. To make sure that you are using the most sustainable toilet paper made out of bamboo, continue reading below.

Panda free zones

When you shop for bamboo toilet paper Australia you will be surprised at the numerous options that the decision might be overwhelming. To make the decision easier for you, make sure to look for toilet paper that is made and harvested from company owned bamboo farms and not from places where there are pandas since bamboo is their natural food.

There’s been a concern about using bamboo for manufacturing toilet paper and other products because the pandas might not have enough food. Fortunately, bamboo grows fast and what was harvested is also replaced immediately. In addition, do your research and buy toilet paper where the bamboo is grown using organic methods.


It seems ironic that there are some sustainable toilet papers that is packaged in plastic. It completely defeats the purpose of being sustainable. So, when you are on the lookout for toilet paper, look for one that is entirely free of plastic packaging. There are toilet papers that the packaging is made out of recycled papers or compostable packaging.

No chemicals

Toilet paper free of chlorine, colour, ink and scent is also manufactured without the need for chemicals which also helped in lessening the use of harmful materials for producing products. Some toilet paper is whitened using chlorine so, it is recommended that you purchase toilet paper without the use of chlorine-containing chemicals. Other chemicals to look out for and avoid that are usually used to make toilet paper are BPA, phthalates, lint and formaldehyde.

Coreless toilet paper rolls

The paper tube or core found inside most toilet paper rolls should be recyclable or could be composted to decrease the impact on the environment. There are toilet papers that even come without this tube or core which is only necessary when you put the toilet paper in a dispenser. But if you could use the roll without the core, then it is better that you buy coreless.

The most popular sustainable toilet paper is made of bamboo because it grows more quickly than other fibres. There are also 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions when they are made. Of course, not all toilet paper is created equal. Look for certification that the bamboo fibres to make the toilet paper were cultivated sustainably and the production procedures are chlorine-free.

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