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Choosing the Right Material for Your Watch Strap

There are so many options that you can explore when it comes to watch straps. The styles available are so vast and you will for sure be able to select a strap that fits your personal style. There are many materials that you can find on the market. Once you have decided on a budget and a style of watch strap that you want, you can then consider the material for the strap. Selecting the watch strap material will depend on the comfortability of the material, durability and price.

Think about the purpose of the watch and where you will be using it most. Those who work in demanding situations will need a watch strap that is high on the durability scale. If you are wearing the watch when playing sports, you can select a rubber strap that is water resistant. They also have a more sporty appearance so rubber straps are ideal for dive watches. But it is best to avoid rubber straps when it comes to formal occasions as they will not fit the brief. The benefit of a rubber or silicone strap is that it is extremely durable and it can last a very long time.

But you will need to consider the climate of your location when selecting a rubber strap as well. If you are in a tropical location where the climate is warm most of the time, then it is best to avoid a rubber watch strap for frequent use as it can be quite uncomfortable because it will not breathe.

There are fabric watch straps as well that can be used for most casual occasions. There is more versatility with a fabric strap because you can’t really put it in a box that says sporty or formal. Nylon watch straps are popular for their durability and you will be able to find many styles of these straps at site. It is a very comfortable option that you can try out. The nylon NATO straps are extremely durable and have water-resistant properties.

Even if one of the spring bars breaks, the NATO strap will ensure that the watch is still kept on your wrist. Nylon straps are very comfortable to wear as well. A metal bracelet is also a great option for the watch strap. It can also bring a classic appearance to the watch. But make sure that the end links of the metal bracelet fit into the case. Stainless steel is commonly used and they make very durable watch straps.

Wooden straps have also become more popular over recent years and it is marketed as an environmentally friendly option. These are also quite versatile and you will be able to use it for a long time. Leather watch straps have remained popular for a long time because of the elegance and timelessness they exude. You can use a leather watch on any occasion so it is extremely versatile.

But it is best to avoid it when you are near water as leather straps are not water resistant. You can always use a leather strap with a dress watch. You can keep several types of leather straps that have different colours so that you can mix and match according to your outfit. They are also comfortable in any climate.

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